Dutch hardcore prodigy Na-Goyah (Barend Zevenbergen) started his career at the age of 13. Inspired by breakbeats, hip hop and house music, Barend started to play the decks and managed to land himself DJ performances to enthusiastic audiences at the Rotterdam club 'Freak-Out'. At one of these performances Barend met up with hardcore DJs Tim B and DJ Akira, who introduced him to dj rob. Barend had already produced a number of demos on his Amiga computer (inspired by Neophyte and Bodlotion's Amiga productions) and let rob here them.

DJ rob saw something special in this young up-coming producer. DJ Rob released Na-Goyah's his first record "4 O' Clock" under the alias DJ profound on the label 'Rave Tracks'. Inspired by the success on his first release, Barend went on to produce countless other big tracks on labels like �Coolman Records' where Na-Goyah's home is now.

In recent times Na-Goyah's popularity has growen with major bookings at Hellraiser , Megarave, Raving Nightmare, Slaves To The Rave, Army Of Hardcore, Inqontrol, Nature One and Nightmare which he also produced the anthem for in 2011 on Rotterdam Records. In the UK he has headlined the gabber area at events like Twisted & Brainfire, Totally Lost It and HTID.