A live act of hypnotizing beats and a blend of unique patterns, underground vitality is released. On stage N-Vitral is able to heavily interact with his audience. Breaking up and deflecting his music into basic elements, he takes both curious onlooker and respected fan along the path of musical disorder.

A distinctive feeling of diversity and underground vitality, N-Vitral is a name closely linked to The Third Movement. Ever since his first release he has been developing his sound to the next degree. His earlier releases contain a unique and hypnotizing sound, while his more recent works (including the prolific 'Kling Klong' EP) has pushed the energy bar beyond limits. From industrial experiments to a battery of shattering kicks and high-tech distorted rhythms.

In 2002 a talented 17-year old producer surprised the scene with his debut-release 'XS36'. Things got pretty hectic after that; live performances at festivals and parties all over Europe (e.g. Mystery Land, Defqon, Nature One, Q-Base, Astropolis and live-sets at the legendary techno bunker Tresor club in Berlin and pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam), several critically acclaimed releases at The Third Movement label and an ever-growing demand for his sound at underground raves around the globe.

Influenced by any form of cutting edge dance music, N-Vitral developed a unique style in hardcore; dark atmospheres, high energy poly-rhythms, crowd-stimulating breaks and beastly kick drums are the key ingredients which set his tracks and live performances apart from the rest. All tracks have an original feel and the titles themselves become a language of their own. His music has received astounding positive feedback from various DJ's and producers from all over the world. There is only one N-Vitral and his music proves this.